Brighton Facilities


Brighton has well equipped library for the students to provide a platform for the deeper knowledge attainment.

Organizes sets of books arranged based on the interest of topics provide vast knowledge for the students to gain access over books.

There are over thousands of books for the children to select from.


Labs are the palace where science become lively Labs play a vital role in the development of child’s attitude to learn through experimenting.

When student does things on himself with the different circuits, acids, etc, in the labs, inculcates a new pattern of learning. The theories are tested, equations are lively taught. Hypothesis are being tested and the list goes on.

We have separate physics, chemistry and biology labs. Necessary charts, tools, equipment’s are being provided.


We look into the safety of the student by the way we transport them from pick up points to the school campus.

There is a security guard in the bus at all times of transport.

We try to allocate the least possible time to the students for pickup and drop so that the duration of transport in less.


  • All time safety of the child is ensured
  • We mainly rely on the female teaching staff
  • We have appointed security guards at the gates all time.
  • Washrooms are also appointed with the housekeeping
  • The structure is built in a pattern that natural light and air flows in.
  • Classrooms are always assisted with the teachers
  • No child is allowed to walk out of the school gate once entered.
  • Gates are locked once the child enters and are opened only when the students are done with the school.