Extra Curricular

  • Activities
  • Excursions – Outbound learning
  • Clubs
  • Houses

Activities – Extra curricular

Here at Brighton we incorporate extra-curricular activities for the overall development of the child.


Since physical development plays a main role in a child’s life we have designed a yoga program for the child to keep a healthy and fir life style.


A well experienced master undertakes the karate class for the Brighton were in kids are taught about the self-defense in general for the child to stand up independently in the society.


Basketball, Cricket, throw ball, Volley ball, Shuttle, Football etc. are all the sports activities being included.

Basketball court is well equipped and tidily maintained.

Good level group for the school studies is being available for at all times.

A well-designed stage to platform the talents of children is designed for Brighton.

Outbound Learning

Excursions are arranged in the school for the live experience and further learning process.

Museum, Planetarium, gardens, field trips etc. are arranged for the students with much safety.


Brighton has two clubs

  1. Arts and Cultural Club:
      Here different activities which is part of club like dance, signing, drama, skit, drawing, painting etc, are all conducted for the overall development of child other than the curriculum.
  2. Science and General Knowledge Club.
      Here all the experiments related to science and various current affairs and general topics for discussion are part of activities in the club.


At Brighton, there are four houses, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow house.

Red: Symbolizes – Discipline

Blue: Symbolizes – Experimenting

Green: Symbolizes – Creativity

Yellow: Symbolizes – Learning

Here we divide students into 4 teams and then the club activities, events and competitions are undertaken.